Model Takes Heat for False Samurai Heritage Claim


Being able to trace one's lineage to a Samurai is a pretty big deal in Japan, so when Anri Takeda claimed to be the descendent of Shingen Takeda during an interview for a hostess fashion magazine, many took notice, including internet sleuths and Takeda's true bloodline, who quickly denied her claims. 

You ever see Kagemusha? It's that terrific 1980 samurai flick Akira Kurosawa made. The movie centers around Shingen Takeda, an iconic feudal lord in Japanese history, and according to fashion model Anri Takeda, a relative.

Takeda recently appeared in Koakuma Ageha, a magazine that focuses on nightclub hostess fashion and that has lent some of its fashion models to Sega's Yakuza games. In the magazine, Anri Takeda (武田アンリ) claimed that she was the 18th descendant of Shingen Takeda (武田信玄). This was her claim to fame. And now, infamy. Read More

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