Models Get Discount on Diet Drinks, Doctors Appalled

Joshua Logg/REUTERS

Already super thin and accused of all sorts of eating disorders, doctors are calling out the fashion industry for an agreement with Organic Avenue, which offers models a discount on fasting beverages. Is this part of the job or do you think the industry is going too far here?


Models and health professionals came down hard on the Council of Fashion Designers of America's partnership with Organic Avenue, a company best known for its juice fasts, which gave models a 50% discount during fashion week.

"It's extremely concerning and confusing," said Dr. Evelyn Attia, director of the Center for Eating Disorders at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Monday night. She was speaking on a panel of health experts and models, including Crystal Renn and Amy Lemons, who came together as part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week to address the problem of the fashion industry's extreme standards when it comes to body shape and weight. Read More

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