Modern Cloth Nappies for Modern Mothers

Different variations of the nappies for children have existed through centuries. These pieces of clothing have been used to cover children in order to prevent them from soiling themselves and have evolved over the years. Modern cloth nappies (MCN) are a result of the lessons learnt over the years on what is best for the child's skin and overall health.

These nappies are usually made of liners, a waterproof material, and absorbent middle linings. The liners help protect the baby's skin while the absorbent middle linings ensure that the urine is absorbed and kept away from the baby thus preventing rashes. The waterproof outer cover is used to prevent any leakage.
MCN are made in a variety of colors and sizes. There is a one size fits all kind that is usually too big for a small baby. These are used with boosters to prevent leakages from soiling a baby's outer clothes. Another alternative is the fitted MCNs that are made to fit babies up to a certain age after which you will need to buy a bigger size.

Some of the materials used to make modern nappies are bamboo and hemp for the middle linings due to their absorbent qualities, wool for its waterproofing qualities and fleece and suede for the inner linings because they are easy on the baby's sensitive skin. It is therefore rare for any baby to develop rashes as a result for using these kinds of nappies.

There are certain advantages of using MCNs in this day of economic repression. One of these reasons is the fact that the nappies are pocket friendly and durable in the end. While the initial investment in a set of nappies is a bit high, this cost goes lower in the end because the nappies can be repeatedly used. It is common to find one household using the same nappy set repeatedly for two or three children. Costs for the detergent and energy used in the end are also quite fair since there is no need to buy new nappy sets like their disposable counterparts. You can therefore save money and use it to create more wealth as a result.

With global warming as it is, MCNs are becoming increasingly popular for their minimal damage to the environment. The materials the nappies are made of are biodegradable and easy to dispose of when you are through with them because they are made of natural fibers. After washing and drying, the nappies can be reused. This is very important to the baby's overall health because there is no exposure to harmful chemicals to the baby's skin.

The variation in colors with regard to modern cloth nappies ensures that there are plenty of choices when clothing the baby.. The nappies can also be washed every few days by machine, thus giving you time to take a break in between instead of worrying about how to dispose of them. Using nappies that can also be passed on to other kids is something that is a joy to do since it reminds you of the good old days. They are a piece of history worth cherishing.

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