Modern Day Marilyn Monroe Fashion

 Marilyn Monroe died exactly 50 years ago this week and it is hard to believe what a huge impact the fashion icon and Hollywood star had on the world in her very short but vivacious life. Known for her voluptuous curves, platinum blonde hair, high-pitched voice and quick wit; she is truly one-of-a-kind beauty. Today, celebrities still are inspired by Monroe’s unforgettable appeal and channel her essence in their dress and fashion selections on the red carpet and big screen. While no one can ever truly take this starlet’s place, many have emulated Monroe and rivaled the classy confidence she embodied.


Some Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes include Anna Nicole Smith who definitely possessed similar curves and Madonna, another icon that has a mind and fashion of her own that no one can rival.


Other modern-day celebrities who embody a Monroe essence are:


Taylor Swift: She may have unintentionally borrowed from the famous look wearing a tailored short white dress on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards, stealing the look of the Seven Year Itch, a film in which Monroe flirts on the line of affair with a married man and has the very famous blown-up white dress scene over the pothole on the sidewalk. 


Scarlet Johansson: With her fair, flawless skin and often short blonde hair the movie star is commonly compared to the likes of Monroe. Many even believed she should have starred in the biography of Monroe, My Week With Marilyn, over Dawson’s Creek star, Michelle Williams.


Rachel McAdams: Another classic star, McAdams is one of our favorites who channel Monroe’s signature natural beauty and even the trademark birthmark on her cheek. Last year McAdams was photographed looking super glamorous with bold statement earrings that had all heads turning; an intrigue that Monroe was accustomed to when she stepped into any room.


A woman like Marilyn can never be replaced, but can live on in our fashion, confidence and beauty within.

Allie Montgomery

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