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Modern Workspace

As we start to lose last decade's focus on breaking everything down into tiny specialties, we start to see a lot of details that yesteryear missed -- we start to see the forestand the trees, as it were. One of the areas that has really changed recently because of that shift in focus has been our ideas of what makes up a proper work environment.

Last decade brought us anthropometry, biomechanics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial design, information design, kinesiology, ergonomic physiology and ergonomic psychology. Today's more holistic view of workplace ergonomics combines all of last decade's individual disciplines to create a set of relatively simple rules for forging a proper modern workspace.

Lighting & Color

Important for your eye's health as well as for improving your mood, sun-like yellow lights that illuminate every corner of your workspace go a long way. Well-lit spaces enhance concentration and motivate you to keep your space clutter-free. Yellow lights naturally improve your mood, especially if combined with living plants. Splashes of color -- particularly green and blue for concentration and a little red for motivation -- go a long way as well.


Sound-absorbing panels help to keep your workspace looking modern and attractive while simultaneously offering a key element of an effective workspace; keeping external noises from bothering you. Outside noises are one of the primary causes of distraction at work -- and every distraction that takes you outside of your 'zone' significantly reduces what you can accomplish with your work time. This is especially true if you're the type that thrives on creativity using cutting edge tools like Adobe software. If that’s you, then creating the right soundscape to work in is essential to your success.


Cluttered workspaces don't just mean keeping your desk free of random stuff. It also means that you keep your desk clear of unnecessary electronic clutter as well -- like wires and extraneous computer flagellum. All in one computers go a long way toward keeping your workspace clear and your work focused. Between that and having enough storage space to keep your folders, stationary, snacks, and other necessities without having them taking up real estate on your desk, you should be able to keep your work area clean and functional.


Perhaps the element we think of most when we think of a modernized workplace-the tools you choose to work with go a long way toward enabling your productivity. Working with the latest technological tools makes certain that you don't outpace your computer's ability to keep up with you. The latest tools are also more likely to be interconnected, allowing you to take everything with you -- porting projects from computer to laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, and making it easier to stay on top of everything no matter where you are.

Along side everything else, you still need to make sure your workspace is ergonomically designed to keep your body healthy while you work. Every office space should have those basics ingrained into their design by now. Combine these 'new' rules with the basics of last decade and you'll end up with a sharp, modern workplace that anyone will be comfortable -- and effective -- in.


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