Money Clips A Sensible Men's Fashion Trend

Personalized Money Clip


Although a bulging pocket might catch you a few sidelong smiles, there comes a time when too much is too much and with society ever finding new ways to cram something into your wallet, a sensible men's fashion trend like money clips is a welcome relief from the madness.

As cell phones become bigger, new keys are added to the key ring and the amount of loyalty cards in the wallet make it the size of a brick, there comes a point when the jean’s pockets are maxed out in capacity. Lighten up the load by converting from a bulky tri-fold wallet to a slim and space saving money clip. With simple options, like an Silver Plated Money Clip, or more functional Leather Money Clip with Credit Card Holder, there is something for every need.



Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder affecting the sciatic nerve. Unfortunately for the common wallet, this disorder has been brutally nicknamed wallet sciatica, as sitting on a pocket containing a fat wallet can cause or aggravate the syndrome. (Read More)

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