Most dangerous roads in the world

We have known roadways have been the lifeline of a country helping people commute from one place to another hassle free. But, there are few parts of the world where the roads are so dangerous, a trip on it always accompanies with an element of risk. Uncontrollable speed and alcohol alone have said to be the cause of worst accidents, but these roads by the way they are built and etched out of mountains propose a caution by itself for all its users. But, one thing is guaranteed once you risk these dangerous roads - Seeing a pleasant and amazing landscape worth a lifetime.

Some of the dangerous roads that deserve a mention are the


The Stelvio Pass, Italy

Passes situated in the Alps are not primarily built to hold road traffic and hence The Stelvio pass welcomes you with low concrete barriers between you and the steep mountains, and it's risky to even peep and watch what is in offering for us. Boasted as the highest paved mountain pass in Eastern Alps, this pass is located in Italy between Stilfs and Bormio at a height of 2757 meters above sea level. Also, each of the 48 hairpin bends to follow in the upward journey is set to offer a dreadful experience.


Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

The village of Guoliang sitting on the top of the mountain is where this Guoliang Tunnel road leads to and is situated in the Hunan Province of China in the Taihang Mountains. There were days when the Guoliang villagers had to reach their homes by walk through the tough terrains of the valley but now the Government has laid drivable roads to benefit them. But, still a drive through the steep cliffs is a challenge for the villagers each passing day as most part of the roads are long tunnels running to more than a mile.


El Camino de la Muerte, Bolivia

The other name of this road is said to scare anybody who wishes to travel on it. Ya, it's also known as "The Death Road" which has seen scores of people losing their precious lives owing to the lack of railings. Located in the Yungas region in Bolivia, this treacherous road stretches for 40 miles and has been tagged one of the most dangerous roads of the world. With the weather conditions hitting a low, this single lane road spells even more trouble as the visibility is affected greatly. Owing to the risk attached while driving this road, it has been improved lately by providing railings and pavements.


Trollstigen, Norway

Famously called as "Troll's ladder", the Trollstigen road in Norway has some of the sharpest hairpin turns with steep inclines and narrow roads for it to be called as the most dangerous road in the world. This is also one of the tourist attractions in Norway for the ecstatic view it offers from above which is worth every risk that you encountered to travel this dangerous road.


Zoji pass, India

Reaching out to the remote locations on the Himalayas, this is one of the most important routes to commute villagers to the outside world. Located in the Leh district on the Indian National Highway, the Zoji pass is considered one of the riskiest roads in the world owing to its narrow and treacherous roads which when snow clad propose an even higher risk. Located at 11,575 feet above sea level, landslides are the most important cause for most of the road accidents on this dangerous road.

Apart from the above five dangerous roads, the Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan, Halsema Highway in Philippines, The Widow maker in United Kingdom and many more have been tagged as some of the most dangerous roads in the world.


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