MTV Audience Proves They Know Nothing about Fashion


Considering Rihanna made MTV's (viewer-voted) best-dressed celebrity on their fashion show this year, they have proven two things. 1. They know nothing about fashion. 2. The audience voted for celebrities based on how they felt about the celebs rather than how they actually dress. This list is a joke.


Today on December 9th was the MTV sponsored fashion show featuring Karmin and Neon Trees. Stars from popular MTV shows such as Awkward and Teen Wolf strutted their best walk down the runway in popular trends of the season. Some of the trends included were burgundy, skinny waist belts, bow ties, colored slacks and lots of embellishments! During the show the stars counted down the top ten viewer voted fashion stars of the year. And here they are:

10. This came as a surprise to me, but Ashley Greene came in as number ten. The star is known for her role as Alice on Twilight. Read More

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