MTV?s House of Style Returns to a New Generation of Fashion

MTV was the main resource and inspiration for music and fashion trends in the 90s, but can the station, House of Style and its team keep up with the fast-moving social media environment and culture of this decade?

MTV's House of Style with host, supermodel Cindy Crawford was on every fashionista and wanna be stylist’s watch list two decades ago. It was a perfect blend between hip-hop street culture and high-fashion runway looks and icons. The show was cancelled in 2000 and since has become a cult reference among designers and those inspired by the movement.

And last week MTV surprisingly announced that it will be bringing back this blast from the past in October. Will House of Style be able to integrate its way into the fashion world once again? What will segments be like today? Will it inspire or showcase up-and-coming designers? Regardless of content, the show is already getting a buzz among the fashion industry. Fans are already calling it "amazingly awesome" – but so much has changed since House of Style's 90s reign in fashion and TV. There was no online fashion communication, blogs, Twitter or Facebook. KarlieKloss, in the running to host the show, comments in a documentary that social media is the “way people absorb information now.” We will have to wait until the Fall to see if the show’s content, style and communication prove worthy of a new generation.

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