Multigyms by Luxtrainer for home gym

If you have space and funds, Luxtrainer home gym machines can help to improve your fitness.

In recent years the quality of home multigyms has improved enormously.
Luxtrainer Multistations, like the best ones, mimics the movements of freeweights workout and they allow you to execute many different exercises, controlling a large part of movements. Moreover, thanks to their compactness, they take up little space. Multifunction X1, for example, it’s a really best seller for those who want to train in the comfort of your home. It 's extremely easy to use even for someone who is not an expert. The machine is very functional, simple and intuitive and illustrative tables annexed allow a clear view of the wide range of exercises completed.
A technologically perfect multifunction machine that can carry out more than 30 exercises in complete comfort. It’s particular design allows placement in any context of furniture occupying less than 2 square meters. With this multifunctional gym, X1, you can obtain best workout results!

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Luxtrainer®, manufactures high-end and luxury fitness equipment for people who want to set up a training area characterized by Italian quality and design. It is able to combine craftsmanship in unique products and details with the latest technology, paying close attention to every operational phase, from design to marketing, ensuring compliance with the highest standards quality. ...(Read More)

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