Must do in France?

If you are planning a trip to France, then there are many things that you should try to squeeze into your trip itinerary. This is a beautiful country where you can experience many pleasures and enjoyments.


Of all the museums in the world, you will find Le Louvre to be one of the most beautiful. It is a wonderful glass pyramid entrance which is both impressive and a taste of things to come that lie inside the museum. Exploring Le Louvre, you will find some of the best works of art from throughout the world. This museum is located in Paris, and is easy to find.


On an oddly placed rocky island lies the Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel. This amazing listed Abbey has been carefully constructed atop the rocky surface of this little island, and it is a remarkable sight amongst the Brittany picturesque landscape. The historical relevance of this beautiful Abbey makes the building a proud landmark for the French people.


The Notre Dame is probably one of the best-known cathedrals in the world. It has been the location of a number of famous novels and there is much myth and mystery surrounding this enchanting and imposing cathedral. Of course, the most well-known novel about this cathedral is Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, which has in part increased the popularity of the building. From the Gothic architecture of the façade of the building to the amazing construction of the interior of the cathedral, you will find the experience of exploring this cathedral both awe inspiring and humbling.


Of course, you couldn’t visit Paris without venturing up the Eiffel tower. Of all the sights around the entire world, the Eiffel tower is the most popular of all paid attractions. Climbing the Eiffel tower may not be something that you would want to do to experience the structural integrity of the attraction, but more for the views of Paris that you can experience from this observation point.  Many people every year use the tower as a photographic opportunity.


Famous in more ways than one, the Moulin Rouge is the best-known location for those seeking the pleasures of the night. Nestled in Paris’ red light district, the infamous red mill was a popular place for cabaret and sordid entertainment for the rich gentlemen of the French revolution, and now the restored Moulin Rouge lies at the same spot. Many tourists visit to take snapshots of the renovated building and performances of the cancan are still made every night here in the place where the energetic and strangely mesmerizing dance originated.


As well as seeing these attractions, you can enjoy drives through the countrysides, camping under the stars and have an unforgettable stay whilst you are in France.  With so many things to do in Paris, you may wish to consider a longer stay in the area and rent Paris serviced apartments, which can be cheaper than booking a hotel.  France is also easy to get to from many places in Europe, so if you are happy to stay in your apartments Dublin or Glasgow flats, you can travel to France for a day or a weekend and enjoy the many attractions that you must do in France.



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