My Favorite Cities #1: Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

There is an urban ambiance in Tokyo that has always escaped words for me, but that does not stop this amazing city from being my favorite location in the world to travel to. Tall buildings, amazing food, friendly people, and a ton of things to do in Tokyo make it not only the best city in the world, but the best place (in my opinion), period. What is even more impressive about this massive city is that among all the fast-paced business that takes place here, there are a collection of what might be the most relaxing places in the world: namely the Shinto shrines and huge Japanese gardens.


Tokyo has impeccable shopping full of the latest fashions, a killer selection of foods from around the world (including some of the best beef you will have in your life) and a vibrant nightlife, all of which are what set Tokyo apart from the rest of the world and have me pining to go back again and again.

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