My Favorite Cities #8: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is full of amazing attractions, shopping, fine dining and wonderful architecture to take in, I went to this huge city with a different kind of experience in mind. Having been a fan of Chinese cinema for a few decades, I always wanted to go to Hong Kong and find a restaurant that had a chicken running around. Lo and behold, I found one and ended up eating some of the best soup I have ever had the pleasure of devouring.


After wandering around the neighborhood I found that restaurant in for a few hours and shopping neat little stands that had all sorts of cool, hand-made items, I found my way to an area populated by bars. What was interesting about this area was that all the streets were cobblestone and the collection of bars was astounding; they had everything from Irish pubs to classy live-jazz joints. Needless to say, I had an amazing vacation in Hong Kong and highly recommend going.


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