Nature Decor In The Home

Nervous system

Poet William Morris said it perfectly, "“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  Home decorating has a new ambiance, with consumers searching for the most eco friendly ways to adorn their homes.  Strangely enough, the most environmentally friendly, cost efficient and beautiful adornments require bringing the outdoors indoors. 

From acorn wreaths to leaf chandeliers to branch picture holders, nature decor is all the rage.  Many companies are catching on to this new fad and have begun designing decorations inspired by nature.  There is even a name for this process, biomimicry, which means "imitation of life."  Biomimicry is not only used in decor design, but has also been the foundation for car designs, food growth and a handful of other industries.  Those who design using biomimicry see nature as their mentor.  

The design firm Nervous System uses biomimicry in their new art meets nature meets function Hyphae Lamp.  Each Hyphae lamp was inspired by the formations of veins found in leaves, and each is unique just as nature's leaves are. Printed onto a nylon plastic in 3D, the lamps cast a branchy glow when they are lit by an eco-friendly LED bulb.

One of the largest parts of biomimicry is observing nature's complex processes.  The technology which is in each Hyphae lamp is nearly as elaborate as the natural process of leaf veins which inspire them.  Using nature as a mentor involves mimicing and adapting nature's processes in creations of it's products, while designing with nature is simply using what was naturally created by those processes. 

Whether you are a connoisseur of biomimicry's products or a nature lover who is truly inspired by adornment with the earth's natural beauty, decorate your abode with a bit of nature.

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