DIY or off the shelf antique farm tables – decisions, decisions

Having a predisposition to long lazy lie-ins on a weekend, breakfast in bed and a dose of one or any of the numerous cookery programs on the TV, DIY is as you probably guess not top of my to do list for my precious time off work. 

Interior design on two pages 

My wife read an article the other week telling and showing in easy steps how to turn an old table into, well, an old table – she was enthused. According to the article all she needed was reams of sand paper in varying grains from fine to rough, paint, brushes, thinners and lots of rags. Oh yes, she also needed a space in which to work.

All well and good if you have the space but living in a loft apartment off The Bowery in NYC, space isn’t something we have to play with. After lots of discussion on the subject and raining down the practicalities of buying an old table which is ripe for renovation, we agreed to a truce. 

Silence is golden 

After a couple of hours of silence in which time I was able to cook lunch before we headed off downtown, she suggested we see if we could buy antique farm tables on-line. After half an hour or so surfing and looking round on-line stores such as the one at while eating lunch, we had found hundreds of tables and with a lot less work involved. 

Okay, you might be able to boast to your friends and family ‘look what I did’ when your handy home work is done and the table, chair or other piece of wooden furniture is completed and in place. 

Then what? By progression you have to move on to the next piece and the next piece. The weekend is for relaxing, for getting away from and the stress, hustle and bustle of work. Why would you want to work on your time off? 

Leave the work to someone else and shop around for that special piece of furniture. Look, buy and have it delivered and enjoy the piece for what it is. Too much is made of this DIY stuff. Maybe it is the DIY industry making us feel guilty for enjoying long, lazy lie-ins at the weekend. Maybe it is this damn annoying modern trend of insisting we should be doing something when perhaps what we should be doing is relaxing.

Anyway, if we do not buy things think how many stores would close and jobs would be lost. Think of it less about the lie-in and more about helping the economy tick over. Now, pass me the remote control while I take a sip of coffee, I have some lazing to do before dinner.


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