Never a Dull Moment in Las Vegas

Smashburger wedding

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Las Vegas has done a tremendous job branding itself as a city where there is always interesting or odd things going on. Unlike some other cities (and even a few states), there actually is always something happening in Sin City. Whether it's a hamburger-joint wedding, a new casino or a $96,000 ostrich, Las Vegas is where you want to go for a seriously entertaining trip.


Luxury has become a staple trade on the Las Vegas Strip.

Stores and restaurants in high-end resorts sell jewelry worth millions, cocktails that cost more than most houses and hamburger valued at two Average Joe’s paychecks.

Curious what a lot of money can buy?

Here’s a look a some of the priciest items available on the Strip: Read More

It was just seconds after midnight this morning that Florida sweethearts Darlene Hielscher and Bryan Porter became the first couple to marry in Las Vegas on 11/12/13 — and the first marriage ceremony performed by Elvis Presley minister Brendan Paul in a burger restaurant. Read More

It’s a better lineup of numbers than three 7s. This afternoon’s official red-ribbon ceremony with Mayor Carolyn Goodman marking the opening of the multimillion-dollar Downtown Grand takes place at exactly 2:15 p.m., thus the calendar lineup is! Read more.


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