Never Heard of the Grecian Bend? Be Glad

New York Historical Society

Okay so the image I've posted with this is extremely exaggerated, but that doesn't change the fact that women forced themselves into this torturous position for their entire day just for the sake of fashion. Though, it makes you wonder what our great-grandchildren will think of as torturous that we wear today.


In the 1860s, it was fashionable for American women to wear their skirts gathered at the back into panniers, with a bustle serving as the base upon which all of that fabric could be pinned. The style required the woman to lean forward in an exaggerated way, in order to compensate for all of that weight at her back. This lean, exacerbated by corsets and high-heeled shoes, came to be called the “Grecian Bend,” named after the way that women in some Greek sculptures hunched their shoulders in implied modesty at their nudity. Read More

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