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By: Steve Mirsky   |    Writer | Persuasive Type
June 17, 2013   |   0 Comments

Legal issues have recently plagued Air BnB in a growing number of cities. It's great to share your home with others but your lease or homeowners' association may forbid you from doing it on a routine basis. Restrictive City ordinances are next. Easynest steers clear of these pitfalls by getting you in a hotel room at half price.  Double occupancy rates automatically charged for a room by hotels and resorts are single biggest hurdle for solo travelers.

It doesn't matter if you're staying by yourself or with others, even if you get a great price on a hotel room, the rate is based double occupancy. So, why pay that rate when you can share the room with a like-minded person and split the bill? Whether a guest or host, using Easynest is free!  Cutting the price in half makes 5-star experiences normally premium suites, opulent pools, and sumptuous amenities a new normal for solo travelers.

Your profile is automatically established upon registering with EasyNest via Facebook login. Start planning now!

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