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New Air BnB Alternative


Legal issues have recently plagued Air BnB in a growing number of cities. It's great to share your home with others but your lease or homeowners' association may forbid you from doing it on a routine basis. Restrictive City ordinances are next. Easynest steers clear of these pitfalls by getting you in a hotel room at half price.  Double occupancy rates automatically charged for a room by hotels and resorts are single biggest hurdle for solo travelers.

It doesn't matter if you're staying by yourself or with others, even if you get a great price on a hotel room, the rate is based double occupancy. So, why pay that rate when you can share the room with a like-minded person and split the bill? Whether a guest or host, using Easynest is free!  Cutting the price in half makes 5-star experiences normally untouchable...like premium suites, opulent pools, and sumptuous amenities a new normal for solo travelers.

Your profile is automatically established upon registering with EasyNest via Facebook login. Start planning now!

Steve Mirsky

I firmly believe that distinctive cuisine and life-changing travel experiences are best savored by those who are driven by curiosity rather than being the sole province of wine connoisseurs, gourmands, and jet setters. Classic hotels and signature properties worldwide can be the best places for an authentic introduction to new cultures and cuisine. I share those unique moments when everything ...(Read More)

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