"O-LIVE!" Brings Together Art and Music For a Good a Cause

Photo Courtesy of W Hotel San Diego
Saturday, May 14 marked a special occasion for Olive PR solutions. Celebrating its second anniversary, Olive hosted numerous artists and musicians in the W Hotel, with all the proceeds going to Feeding the Soul Foundation. As a public relations firm with an emphasis on creativity, Olive didn’t cut any corners for its second birthday party.

The guests enjoyed several art exhibits in the beautiful scenery of San Diego’s only rooftop beach at the W Hotel, while live musical performances in the background gave this sunny day a distinctly San Diegan feel. The exhibits were a mix of both established and up-and-coming local talent, such as Stephanie Clair and Dani Dodge. The party’s center of artistic attention however, was a little known establishment called Arts ‘n Drafts.

Opening in the near future in a yet to be decided location, Arts ‘n Drafts describes itself as a "communal artist studio ‘n libation lounge." Stepheni Norton, the manager, described her vision "as a place where artists and regular folk from all walks of life can come together and indulge in any form of creative expression. People can paint together, cook together, or even write poetry together as a source of relief from the stresses of everyday life."

In their exhibit titled "Graffiti Tile," the guests where given ceramic tiles to decorate, the results will be put on display in the future. The musical performances throughout the evening were just as impressive. The evening featured performances by Alysse Fischer and Dawn Mitschele, concluding with Bushwalla, a Cleveland native who now resides in San Diego.

Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg, the President of Olive, was very enthusiastic about the event and described it as an event designed to "bring our community together" in support of a good cause. All the proceeds of the party were donated to Feeding the Soul Foundation, a Southern California organization dedicated to promoting local artists, charities, and businesses, and sponsoring different national, and global charities.

By raising $2,500, Olive PR Solutions set the bar high for philanthropic events by showing that having fun, promoting the culture and arts, and helping the world can all happen in one evening.

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