Old is Gold: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Antique Furniture

Antique furniture pieces may cost you more than their modern counterparts, but they are undoubtedly worthwhile investments. Why? Antique furniture is unique, and can seamlessly blend with varying themes in both modern and traditional rooms.

Still not convinced? Below are five more reasons why antique furniture can be a worthwhile investment.

1. They have better quality.

The standard of quality may vary from one person to another. When dealing with antiques, we go by the rule that if it lasted this long amidst the daily grind of everyday life, then it’s probably something that’s well made. Most antique furniture pieces were made by hand and the craftsmanship of the past years were highly commendable. Also, they often add a touch of elegance, which brings up the aesthetic appeal to any room.

2. Antiques tell stories and share a bit of history.

As one piece of furniture gets passed down (or sold) from generation to generation, interesting stories come with it. These stories carry the weight of years gone by and remind us of the events that happened around that specific era. While it may not seem like enough on paper, the stories are often the main selling point of a particular antique piece.

3. They make good conversation starters.

While antiques do come with their own stories, they’re always available to make more memories. A quality piece of furniture can trigger the interest of a guest or a prospective buyer.

4. Antiques keep or increase their value.

Antiques are not like stocks in the stock market – they can’t be sold at a moment’s notice and may need some time before another buyer actually finds them and makes the purchase. In that sense, they’re not as liquid as the stock exchange.

However, as long as the quality is good and they’re properly cared for, there is little likelihood that it will decrease its worth. Antique furniture increases (or at the very least, retains) its value over time, which is as good an investment as any.

5. It is more than just financial investment.

More than being a financial asset, antique pieces hold vested interest. When the pieces don’t return your financial stakes, the fact that a buyer enjoyed using it is can be a good return in itself. What may be considered a bad investment at the time of purchase may very well turn out to be a good move in the future once the demand for such an item reaches its peak.

There isn’t any solid guide as to how much any specific antique piece of furniture will grow in value over time. However taking an interest in collecting these pieces can often cultivate into a passion that will leave you with eye to spot a good investment over a bad one. Are you planning to start a collection? Check for quality antique pieces.


Angie Cole is a fan of everything vintage and admires true old-world craftsmanship. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her pet turtle, Socrates...(Read More)

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