Olive Oil Tasting Bars To Visit

Most Americans have partaken in the blissful endeavor of wine tasting; travelling through lush areas filled with unspeakable beauty, sipping wines grown and made from the very grape vines which you view from the windows of the winery.  But have you yet experienced this delight, the art of olive oil tasting?

A popular luxury in Spain, Florida and in California's Temecula Valley, sampling these mouth watering oils is the perfect way to appreciate this healthy product's pleasures.  When tasting, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the way to go because of the wide range of flavors found in them.  The EVOO flavors are determined by several factors including type of olives, ripeness of olives, growing conditions, and oil storage. For example, oil made from predominantly unripe olives contain flavors which are often described as grassy or artichoke, while riper olives tend to yield softer flavors often described as buttery, floral, or tropical.

Who knew there were so many differences and flavors in olive oil?  An olive oil tasting trip is defintely one worth taking.  Heading to California?  Try olive oil tasting bars along the Central Coast in Paso Robles, Templeton and Santa Ynez, or down south in Pasadena, Agoura Hills or San Diego.  Even Arizona and New York have their own olive oil bars!  Or if you are traveling out of the country, you can find bars in Italy, France and Greece.

Wherever you are adventuring in the months to come, make olive oil tasting a top priority and find an olive oil bar.  You will experience one of the great luxuries and pleasures of our time and you will not be disappointed!

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