Opinion - Best Stuff to do in San Diego

While there is a huge selection of things to do in San Diego, there are quite a few locations in the area that I visit because they are downright fun. Yeah, there are tourism hotspots like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, but they definitely don’t top my list for San Diego. For a relaxing day out, I either go to Balboa Park or Mission Beach (just north of Belmont Park) and just enjoy my time in the amazing weather, either taking a leisurely stroll or finding a nice place to sit and read.


On the other hand, when I’m looking for something more energetic to do, I’ll wait until the sun sets and head to the Gaslamp area of downtown as it has some of the best nightlife in San Diego. Usually, though, I end up at a place called The Shout House where rock ‘n’ roll dueling pianos duke it out over a lively crowd and audience participation keeps me laughing and singing all night long.


How about the rest of you who live in or have been to San Diego; what are you favorite things to do here?

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