Oprah Tells Justin Bieber, Compares to Beatles, Michael Jackson

via Oprah's Twitter

Justin Bieber is an easy target for comedians and internet commenters, where many compare him to a young girl and that his music is atrocious. Oprah, on the other hand, thinks he's comparable to The Beatles and Michael Jackson, saying that "there's never been a star like [him]." What do you think?


Oprah Winfrey has been releasing teasers of the anticipated Justin Bieber interview. According to the description of the latest video, "In 1993, Oprah did an interview with Michael Jackson that went live around the world within 24 hours. Since then, she hasn't done another interview like that-until now."

"Justin Bieber is a phenomenon of our time. Just like Elvis Presley, just like The Beatles, and also like Michael Jackson, he has billions of screaming fans that adore him. But unlike Elvis, or The Beatles or Michael Jackson, he is a star for this time because of social media," Oprah states. Read More


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