Overcome the vegan traveler's challenges

Ever had the feeling that you aren’t getting the right food to eat, especially when you’re travelling? Of course, travel means compromise on various counts: food, water, comfort, weather and general luxuries that we are accustomed to when we are in the confines of our home. And while we can control what food we partake of, it isn’t something that we can always enjoy on a journey. 

And while the kids would probably enjoy traveling, thanks to the amount of junk food they can binge on, it doesn’t make for a regular meal. Chances are, even the children would get tired of a daily diet of pizzas, burgers and French fries. More importantly, an over-indulgence in this food would cause upset tummies, indigestion, crankiness and effectively kill every iota of fun in the trip. 

These challenges become even more pronounced if you are a vegan. Since vegans do not partake of any meat or dairy or anything that originates from an animal, the assumption is that their choice of food becomes limited. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

So, how do you actually eat a sustainable diet consisting of only vegan foods? Here are some tips that could help. 

Tip # 1:

Stock up on fruits. Yes, that’s right. Fruits are readily available in every part of the world and, for the discerning traveler, there is a fruit to either keep you going till the next meal or a range of fruits that can actually substitute a meal.

Bananas are very filling as are mangoes, papayas and apples. If you want to quench that thirst with fruits, you have the choice between a watermelon and fresh, tender coconut. The significant advantages of eating fruits are multifold: they are fresh and pose less danger to your health; they are accessible; they can be quite filling depending on the quantity. 

Tip # 2: 

Lentils and beans are another wholesome source of nutrition for the tired traveler. Many hotels around the world provide you with, at the very least, a microwave and a refrigerator to make and stock your own food. 

Buy a can of readymade beans and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. Open and serve with fresh bread from the nearest supermarket. Although you can’t make every meal a ‘bread and beans’ fare, it is a good change from the other foods that you would have at your disposal on the journey. 

Tip # 3:

Cereal! Now, isn’t that something you see in every supermarket shelf as well as the buffet of a continental restaurant. Whole grains and fibrous foods, nuts and raisins are all an integral and interesting part of a vegan diet. Add all these to a bowl of soy milk and you have a hearty and healthy breakfast to get you through the day.

Tip # 4:

Well, we can’t very well ignore vegetables, can we? And although it may be challenging to prepare a whole meal with all your favorite spices and seasonings, it is fairly simple to slice up a few carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes and toss them together with some salt and pepper. Salads are filling, as we all know, and they can make for a good accompaniment to a main meal or even substitute a light dinner. 

Tip # 5:

There’s already a reference to nuts above. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios are all great for those hunger cravings when you’re in transit, on a long drive or just waiting in line at a tourist spot. Nuts usually come packaged in convenient pouches, raw or salted, and make for a wonderful snack. 

Tip # 6:

Although it can be a bit of an acquired taste, soya chunks and granules are very satisfying components of a vegan spread. Similarly, tofu helps to check those dairy cravings. You get sufficient doses of calcium from both these items, so your nutritional needs are effectively taken care of. 

More and more countries are adapting to the notion of making vegetarian and vegan items available for consumption. The tourism industry is also well aware of how important food can be and how cuisines matter for the intrepid, nomadic tourist. So, fear not. Grab that backpack, tuck in your toothbrush and set out into the vegan traveler’s paradise! 

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