Oxygen Requirements When Flying Privatley

Often used by non-ambulatory passengers but also a wide range of others, there are times when travelers must travel with oxygen tanks. The regulations regarding the use of oxygen while in flight are quite different for commercial travelers vs. jet charter consumers.

First, FAA regulations will only allow passengers to use one of two different types of portable oxygen concentrators on a commercial aircraft. These two types can also only be manufactured by either Airstep, Inogen or Sequal and no others. Additional oxygen service rules vary from carrier to carrier, making the process of arranging for oxygen use more complicated. A good example is that some airlines require specific forms of notification of oxygen service be submitted prior to travel; others do not. These forms must also be submitted no less than 72 hours before the flight in some cases. This means commercial travel might not be an option for some travelers regardless of other factors, since their emergency travel needs don’t allow for these 72 hours. Another drawback commercially is that the majority of airlines don’t provide oxygen service between flights or at airports. Thus if a layover is unavoidable private jet charter becomes even more attractive.

When flying with Stratos Jet Charters we allow passengers to bring their own personal oxygen units onboard and have no restrictions on type or manufacturer. There is also no requirement to inform us of oxygen needs prior to the flight, though we should inform clients that advance notice is appreciated whenever possible.

Other topics you can caution clients who require oxygen about are travel to high elevations, areas with extreme temperatures and places with high humidity. Each of these could negatively impact the passenger’s ability to breathe upon arrival at their destination, which could require additional planning or preparation for the trip. Providing this type of expert advice and valued-added insight to our clients that they won’t find elsewhere is part of what sets Stratos Jets apart from our competition.

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