Palazzo Ducale

Also known as Doge’s Palace, the Palazzo Ducale has been a great place to visit in Venice since it was opened as a museum in 1923 and has been a tremendously popular landmark in the city for nearly a millennium. With the oldest part of the palace being the exterior, which also has sculptures and capitals that date as far back as the 14th century, the Palazzo Ducale truly is a piece of living history that is both accessible and beautiful and very worthy of a visit for anyone that will be in Northern Italy. As one of the most popular destinations in Venice, Doge’s Palace draws over one million people annually who come to enjoy the amazing Gothic architecture.


For those planning to visit Palazzo Ducale, there are a few tips you should be weary of. As this location is extremely popular, you should purchase your tickets in advance. Likewise, downloading an audio tour guide is recommended so can go at your own pace through the palace, and for those that don’t want to be walking around with headphones on, a simple guidebook can be just as informational.

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