Patron Releases First-Ever Limited Edition Bottle Stopper

Guitar Bottle Stopper


In an unprecedented move, Patron has teamed up with world-famous fashion designer John Varvatos to create a limited edition bottle stopper for their flagship product. Fashioned after the head stock of a guitar, the bottle stopper is likely to end up as a killer collector's item befitting of rock 'n' roll royalty and spirit lovers alike.


Patron Spirits has partnered with world-renowned fashion designer John Varvatos, the first-ever artist to collaborate on a new design element of the Patron bottle, to craft a limited edition bottle stopper. The inspiration for the stopper emerged from Varvatos' love of music and the pursuit of perfection. Varvatos, known for his rugged designs and lifelong interest in rock 'n' roll, applied his edgy, masculine style and harnessed his effortlessly cool attitude to create the bottle stopper exclusively for Patron Anejo tequila.

Just like Patron tequila, this bottle stopper is fashioned with a meticulous commitment to quality. Read More

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