Paul Edmonds Manicure: Champagne, chocolates and senses galore...

Paul Edmonds ‘Winter Paradise’ manicure and pedicure treatment

What does a woman love more: Pampering? ...Or chocolate? It’s a tough decision for anyone to make but at the Paul Edmonds salon, you don’t need to choose anymore. Launching for this year’s festive season, Paul Edmonds is offering a unique experience with their Winter Paradise Manicure and pedicure, as the salon has created the concept of blending sweets with beauty treatments - a trend that will definitely catch on.

I immediately felt at home the minute I entered the Paul Edmonds salon, located in the heart of Knightsbridge. The expert team are immensely friendly and Paul himself was there to greet me as I was given a tour of the salon. Now let me tell you: this salon is unlike any other salons as its set in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse. The place is charming - with hidden rooms in every corner, you could spend a whole day here and find something new.

As soon as I sank into one of the plush armchairs in the manicure area, I felt completely tranquil as I met my manicurist, Shraddha. From the enormous collection of nail colours, I eventually opted for a dark maroon and a rounded tip. As Shraddha expertly went to work on my nails, a heaping plate of decadent chocolate truffles and a glass of champagne was placed beside me. Using all organic products from the emerging new brand Eminence, my hands were then massaged and cleansed vigorously with a beautiful smelling coconut scrub. The smells of the products were very potent, which I found surprising for a brand that uses all organic ingredients. The products and sweets are thoughtfully matched and blended together to create an intoxicatingly blissful, multi-sensory experience that one would never identify with a manicure, as the smells and tastes blissfully combine together in harmony.

As Shraddha massaged a coconut cream onto my hands, I had another sip of champagne and devoured more chocolate as my hands were then wrapped in a divinely smelling chocolate truffle wrap. My hands were then wrapped in plastic and placed in heated gloves to let the chocolate and coconut creams literally melt and sink into my skin for ten minutes as I was treated to a an intense shoulder massage. It was incredibly relaxing and my hands emerged smelling like a Bounty chocolate bar.

Towards the end of my treatment, allowing the champagne oil to sink in, I found myself closing my eyes and lying back in the plush armchair, I was that comfortable and relaxed. The salon offers a tranquil environment and escapism from the hectic London city lifestyle; it’s no wonder why Paul Edmonds boasts an A-list client list.

Candy coated hands are looking to be a trend this year and Paul Edmonds is offering it first, so for the solution to the perfect wind down from a day of shopping, Paul Edmonds luxurious Winter Paradise treatment is the answer.

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-Reviewed and written by Jessica Cooper

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