PERONI - Where to Find a Culinary Master to Cook You an Italian Dinner at Home Tonight in New York

Even if you're the kind of person who truly enjoys whipping up a fresh batch of your favorite pasta, much can be said about the leisure and luxury of having a chef come to your home to prepare an Italian feast. Similarly, if you expect the highest quality craftsmanship from New York's best chefs but don't have the time or energy to fight traffic or wait for a table (even when reservations have been made), nothing can compare to the presence of a personal chef doing the shopping, preparation, serving and cleanup for some hearty Italian fare.

Whether looking to have a romantic meal for two or you are planning to host a get-together with friends or family, hiring an in-home chef to take care of all these details for a night can make what may have been a frustrating and time-consuming meal (especially when taking the shopping in NYC aspect into account) become one of the best nights of your year. With that in mind, we have collected a number of resources available for you to plan a great evening for you and your company to partake in some wonderful professionally prepared home-cooked Italian delights.

With these sites at your disposal, the only hard part will be choosing from one of the incredible chefs available:

New York Personal Chefs

From special occasions and weekly service to group cooking classes and private meals, New York Personal Chef's selection of devoted foodsmiths are ready to prepare practically anything your heart might desire. One of our favorite aspects of NYPC's chef directory is that it actually links out to the private websites of many of the individuals, which means that you can visit their sites and have all cash paid go directly to whomever you hire.  


Hire A Chef

Okay, we'll admit that at first glance this site seems like it may have come straight out of 2003, but that doesn't stop us from absolutely loving the way chefs are presented. After clicking around and learning what the icons around the site actually stand for (seriously admin, add a mouse-over popup on them),  navigating the site and finding a perfect chef in New York becomes a breeze. Added benefit to learning their system: Hire A Chef's directory covers the entire United States, which allows you to get remarkable homemade food where



Kitchit's attractive layout, chef features, premade menu options (we're drooling over Italian Street Food Dinner) and presented pricing makes the site our absolute favorite to use and peruse. Searching the database also shows users high-resolution images of chef's dishes, making it difficult to not hire every single person on the site - everything looks smashing. 

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