Peroni - Where to Shop for the Coolest Italian Interior Designs

Featuring clean lines and high functionality, Italian furnishings offer clean and elegant interior designs that can make a room shine like never before. With nearly every piece in the collections offered at the following locations coming from some incredible designers, each could easily be a centerpiece along with being magnificent conversation starters.

Cassina Midtown: 155 East 56th Street Soho: 151 Wooster Street

Featuring truly contemporary designs, many of the furnishings available at Cassina's midtown and Soho locations won't all fit everyone's interior design goals. However, for those who appreciate modern or eclectic pieces, stepping into a Cassina could be like striking gold.


Italy 21 Furniture Center 1700 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn

 One of the few Italian furniture locations with both classic and modern takes on Italian interior design, Italy 21 Furniture Center might just be the most all-encompassing furniture locations in the state of New York. From opulently detailed set pieces to highly stylized one-offs, Italy 21 covers all the bases and then some.


Natuzzi Italia 105 Madison Avenue

Natuzzi has a number of locations around New York, but a shopper's best bet is to visit the brand's flagship store on Madison Avenue. Like many Italian furniture dealers, Natuzzi's products are very contemporary and eye-catching. However, their offerings are a bit more subdued and seem like they would be easier to fold into the style of any preexisting design element, making them great additions to an already-furnished room or home. 


Lazzoni Soho: 26 Greene St Chelsea: 154 W 18th St

Much of the furniture at Lazzoni's shops include contemporary space-saving pieces and highly stylized design elements. However, their offering deviate from this from time to time, which allows the stores to offer some incredibly complex interior accessories. This is especially true in regards to some of their lamps and end tables, helping these shops come highly recommended.  

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