Personal Style
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Personal Style

What is personal style? Personal style is your fashion sense. A person’s personal style can be inspired by a favorite fashion designer, celebrity, and even one’s culture. Personal style is about making a statement. For those who are conscious of their personal style plan every detail. They choose what to wear very carefully, what make-up works best, and hair fashion.  Then there are those whose personal style is not as detailed or planned.

My Look“When I wake up if I feel wild then that is my style for the day. If I feel chic then I will wear what makes me feel chic.” – Monet, Jade Monet Fashions

Some people could care less about brands or designers they wear whatever they want.

Pep Time

“For me, I don’t like to wear what others are wearing. I like bright colors and 80’s fashions. I don‘t think twice about what I want no matter where I get it from” – Jade, Jade Monet Fashions

Many people interpret style as wearing the latest trends or the most popular designers. Jade Monet Fashions interprets style as wearing what you want when you want and how you want. Even though fashion styles evolve that doesn’t mean that you have to change your personal style.

International Orange

Style inspiration can be found anywhere and allow you to taper your style to that inspiration. If you like styles of the 90’s then you can base your style around it, just update the style a bit. Remember fashion style is about making a personal statement.

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