PETA Enlists Topshop in Fur-Free Campaign


As PETA is wont to do, the activist group has teamed up with Topshop to fight the use of exotic animal skins and furs in their latest fashions. However, it seems odd that there's the caveat of "exotic" in there: You'd think PETA would push the issue to include all animals. How about you, do you love your furs or detest the idea?


The retailer partnered with Peta to send the message to shoppers, "Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe." (The same cannot be said, apparently, of denim shorts cut like a diaper and worn over 20-year-old leggings.) But this is a bold stand for a store that shows at London Fashion Week and positions its merchandise as very trend-driven. Fur and exotic skins were among the biggest trends on the fall 2013 runways, so an outright rejection of it is ballsy. Read More

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