Pets can fly high in private jets and stay grounded at world's best dog resorts
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Pets and pet owners can now celebrate and no longer have to worry about flying the high skies. Three successful businesses have teamed up to now offer pet owners the luxury of traveling with their pets. Blue Star Jets, a private jet brokerage company can arrange access to any kind of private jet and fly your pampered pet to any destination in the world with just four hours' notice. During the flight Sit ‘n Stay Global flight attendants will attend to you and your pets every little whim. To top it off the attendants are all trained in providing First Aid, CPR and are certified by American Red Cross. Once you and your pets have arrived at your destination travel agency Chien Bleu will make sure you are checked into the world finest pet-friendly hotels and resorts thereby enhancing your pets travel experiences.

So the next time you want to take your pet with you on vacation, make sure you contact either, Blue Star Jets, Sit ‘n Stay Global or Chien Bleu. They will make sure your pets will travel in luxurious comfort and have nothing to bark or meow (complain) about.

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