Photographing Timepieces - Adding Emotion to Watches

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Ming Thein

Photographers hired to take shots for watch companies advertising campaigns have a tough task: They have to place a feeling and a desire onto luxury watches, which are, for all intents and purposes, just a wearable piece of machinery. I think they're doing a wonderful job, especially the folks over at Tag Heuer who constantly make me feel like all of my watches are garbage in comparison to theirs.


Picture this: You are standing in front of a newly released state-of-the-art watch, camera in hand, and your job is to make it even more desirable. That is the position that photographers of luxury watches find themselves in, and the trick to doing so, they say, is to find the machine’s emotional side.

“You can have the most expensive watch in front of you and it can say nothing to your heart,” said Pino Gomes, who is photographing the Moments of Smart Luxury advertising campaign for Gc Watches. “It’s still just a mechanical body without a spirit.” Read More

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