Picking the Perfect Custom Furniture for Your Tailor-Made Home

When it comes to interior design it can be difficult to draw the line between modernity and passing trends or classic style and simply being old fashioned. One of the most important considerations in keeping your home timeless and beautiful is your choice of furniture.

Some people are drawn to shaker furniture, mission style furniture or Lancaster Amish furniture, but they nevertheless worry that choosing such a classic style will disallow any other more modern elements. However, there are ways to incorporate these classic pieces and aesthetics without sacrificing a modern feel. In fact, they can actually help to avoid the problems of buying into swiftly passing trends in interior design.

Why Choose A Custom Piece

The most important of these techniques is to stay away form as-is or off-the-rack furniture. By taking a central part in the construction of your furniture, from choice of wood to style of accessories and your desired finish, you can incorporate your personal modern aesthetic while still benefitting from the beauty and timelessness of the furniture style.

Handmade Amish furniture, for example, is available with a wide range of finishes and fittings, so that your new classic piece will blend with your existing pieces while bringing its own elegance to the whole room. By commissioning a custom piece of work you force yourself to analyze your aesthetic, what it is you are looking for and why. This process can change your whole view of design and allow you to better express your aesthetic throughout your home.

A custom piece of furniture is also a great way to show off your personal design preferences and makes a wonderful conversation piece as you can describe your inspirations and process.

Other Tips and Tricks

Of course, the perfect furniture is not sufficient in and of itself. Make use of these ideas and tricks to ensure that your home is as timeless and classic as you wish.

Moderation: You don’t want to have your home look like a catalogue photograph or a museum. Be careful in your choice of furniture and accessories. Consider incorporating a few modern touches such as statement walls or interesting artwork.

Accessories: Changing up your ornament and accessories is a great way to make use of seasonal colors without a costly investment. Cushions, throws, vases and other ornaments are all ideal vehicles by which you can give your home a fresh, more contemporary look that complements your classic pieces.

Switching it up: Simply moving one piece of furniture to the other side of the room can give you a completely new look, allowing you to add other accent pieces as well.

A custom piece of furniture is certainly an excellent way to capture a timeless beauty within your home, without heading into a dated or old-fashioned style.

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