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Yes, you got me right. I am talking about the most iconic attraction of Tuscany region in Italy, the leaning tower of Pisa. Have you ever paid a visit to this marvelous leaning tower in the Tuscan city of Pisa, Italy? If yes, you probably know it actually is leaned. 

Explore the tourist attractions of Pisa

Most of the travelers arriving to explore the city of Pisa never fail to give a pose by standing close to this heart stopping architecture wonder of the central Italy. However, there is much more worth seeing and doing in this Italian city than capturing a picture in front of the tower.

While in Pisa, take a stroll by the picture-perfect Tuscan countryside or plan a cycling tour to the city of Florence or Siena. The city of Pisa is also home to beautiful cathedrals, striking public squares, elegant art galleries, charming narrow streets and a bunch of historical ruins. 

The city also sees a traditionally cherished and homey festivals and events throughout the year; Luminara di San Ranieri on 16 June and the Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge) on 30 June are major festivals to name a few, which are celebrated by the locals with full enthusiasm and respect.

Unquestionably, you may begin your tour by exploring the major highlight of the city at its leaning tower located in the square named as Piazza dei Miracoli. The construction of the tower started in late 12th century and ended in late 14th century (1173 to 1372). 

The famous bell tower square of Pisa features some other attractions too including the circular baptistery, the Duomo and the camposanto. Reach at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo to indulge the best views and vistas of the leaning tower.

Going further, you may move to south through Roma, and visit the Via Angelo Galli Tassi and the serene botanical gardens of the university located at 5 Via Luca Ghini. This hidden gem of the city embraces a fascinating stone pond of 16th century.

Next you can pay a visit to the city’s second leaning bell tower named as St Nicola located close to the river of Santa Maria. The campanile tumbles into the street as if it is all set to turn into a nightmare for the European officials. 

From here, head down to the Lungarno Pacinotti perched high on the bank of the River Arno and quickly scan through an array of the grand and remarkable buildings of the country. Not as popular as the leaning tower of Pisa, but Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale featuring an assortment of marvelous sculptures and artifacts merits a visit once.

Where to stay?

Being one of the most visited tourist sights of Tuscany and of the country, Pisa is home to many hotel accommodations, budget apartments, luxury villas and countryside houses available on affordable rentals throughout the year.

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