Places to visit in Krabi

Krabi is a province in Thailand that has now become a highly popular tourist spot. It has its own scenic and natural beauty, which is beyond comparison. Tourism plays an important part in the development of Krabi. It has its own airport for both domestic as well as international flights. Undoubtedly, Krabi is a growing province that has tons of water sports, beautiful and unmatchable interiors and a superb natural coastline that spreads over miles. Many people visit Krabi, but still some of the main public attractions have remained untouched and have retained their charm and uniqueness. You will get from five star hotels to beach villas as accommodation. You have a huge range of choice to stay in Krabi, because of its beautiful and perfect location.

The main attractions in the Krabi Province, Thailand are as follows:

1) Railay is a very popular beach of Thailand and is present on every traveler’s list of favorite beaches around the world. It is the most popular beach in the whole of Thailand. Railay Beach is situated on the southern part of Ao-Nang Beach. Railay Beach has a unique rocky headland that has trees on it and can be accessed via a boat trip. It is a small world in itself, a unique and beautiful peninsula where you will find long tides, lagoon and caves in the rocky cliff, viewpoints and the most amazing and gorgeous beaches.

2) You won't believe there are more than 200 islands in and around the Krabi coastline. Many islands have formed in the recent time, rising out of the sea. There are mini-sized, medium-sized, large-sized islands that have coral reefs and small sand beaches on them. Two of the most popular islands are Koh Poda and Chicken Island.

3) There is a very famous Natural Park made by nature and maintained by the humans. It is known as Thung Teao Forest National Park. As Krabi Province is renowned for its scenic beauty, one of them is the National Park. It is actually a lagoon, which has a forest and crystal-clear water bodies. Its natural formations have made it so beautiful and attractive.

4) One of the most famous caves in Krabi Province is the Tiger Cave. It is best known for its 1272 steps that you have to climb to a tower made up of limestone to catch a glimpse of the “footprints of Lord Buddha”.

5) There is another island group situated a bit far away from Krabi province, but it is one of the main tourist attractions. It is the Phi Phi Islands, which is a 90 minutes ferryboat ride, or 45 minutes speedboat ride away from Phuket and & is at an equal distance from Krabi Province. The Phi Phi Islands are famous across the globe for the amazing scuba diving facilities available.

Words are not enough to express the beauty of Krabi Province (I used the services of Startour Thailand to go there). Unless and until you visit this gorgeous place, which resembles paradise on earth, you won't know how it feels.


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