Places to Visit in South India during Monsoon

Monsoon is a beautiful season which stays in India during month of June to September and gives break from burning heat of the summer. It gives life to the plants and trees, dotted Ponds, rivers and streams and dips them in joy and happiness. Enchanting beauty of India becomes double in the season of Monsoon. This beauty of nature is the inspiration of poets, writers and painters. This season is blessed with ultimate greenery, cool brazes, serene environments, overflowing rivers and ponds, cloud laden blue sky, rich agriculture and many colorful festivals. Extensive greenery and aroma of lovely flowers makes the whole surroundings amazing.

India is the only palace in the world where you can enjoy the wonder of rain, where the natural beauty on its peak in Monsoon. New green lives come out on the plants, t, blossomed gardens with untouched beauty of flowers and peacock dances to see the cloud laded sky, appearance of Rainbow in the beautiful sky, crocking of frog and other insects at night; this amazing and heart touching scene you can only capture on the land of south India tour during monsoon. The season of Monsoon is just like a power buster for India tourism whose beauty attracts the tourist from all over the world. In India, the season of Monsoon is the best travel time for nature lovers. The tourism of India offers many places where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of monsoon. The southern part of India takes first place in it. It includes Kerala and some parts of Karnataka, where you can enjoy your holiday with full of fun and excitements.

In Kerala Monsoon season stay from June to August. The beauty of Kerala is on the hike during Monsoon. Get spread with rain water, sailing of paper boat in blowing rain water, jumping in the knee deep water with children and cool and relaxing ayurvadic spa will give you the best experience in your India tour. In the season of Monsoon you can play with the beauty of Kochi, Munnar, Alappuzha, Kumarkom and Thekkady.

The queen of Arabian Sea is the place in South India which will provide you the most vibrant and charming views of Nature. In Kerala you can enjoy great quantity Manifested Chinese Fishing Nets, Synagogue and historical monuments. In Kerala you will also enjoy several water sports activities. Munnar is a leading holiday destination among world holiday destinations. Its divine natural beauty becomes Incredible during Monsoon. Munnar is for its tea estates. In the rainy season here you can enjoy the adventure of Eravikulam national park and Periyar National Park where you can see the exotic wild species. Alappuzha backwater becomes the sparkling beauty of South India in Monsoon which green shadow all over the Kerala. The luxurious houseboat cruising in the serene backwater of Kerala with heart touching hospitality will give you an unforgettable feeling for lifetime. Apart from this you can also visit Kumarkom and Thekkady in monsoon.

So, India tour Packages offer many places in South India which gives an amazing experience of holiday in the Monsoon, when other part of India is suffering from the disaster of flood. If you are planning to visit India during Monsoon, then don’t worry. Come and explore best places to visit in India and enjoy the southern beauty during Monsoon and return with some sweet and wet holiday memories.


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