Planning your Luxury Trip to Merimbula: Understanding the Region and its Appeal

Given that New South Wales is an area renowned for its natural beauty and spectacular terrain, it can be hard to isolate single resorts or landmarks that stand out individually. The entire landscape seems to meld into a single, idyllic backdrop, against which residents and fortunate visitors can enjoy a truly invigorating experience.

Despite this, the city of Merimbula stands as one of the most stunning locations in the New South Wales region. Set on the shores of the picturesque Merimbula Lake, it is the highlight of the Far South Coast and home to everything from first class accommodation to a diverse range of entertainment and activities.

The Glory of Merimbula: Planning your Trip in Advance

If you are aware of Merimbula and its unique appeal, then you may already be planning a visit. Before you make any concrete plans or lay down a financial commitment, however, it is important to first understand the region and exactly what it is able to offer your traveling party. Consider the following: -

The Location and Surrounding Region

Often referred to as the jewel on the Sapphire Coast, Merimbula is a lakeside city that features a number of beaches and acres of golden coastline. Although it is fairly remote and far removed from the bustle of metropolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, there is an airline that flies regularly between Merimbula and these locations. This makes for the ideal getaway, either as a long weekend break for Australian citizens or a once in a lifetime vacation for international travelers. Thanks to its location and diverse range of terrain, it is also popular among a host of social demographics and age ranges.

Activities, Entertainment and Recreation in Merimbula

While visitors can enjoy a range of activities when visiting Merimbula, it is important to ensure that they are suitable to your tastes and preferences. The region is particularly famous for its water sports, while there is also an incredible array of aquatic wildlife to interest those with a fascination for unique and exotic species of animal. Merimbula is therefore particularly appealing to those who enjoy fishing in the vast ocean waters, while those who are adverse to sport may instead prefer to enjoy the highly popular whale watching season between September and December.

Accommodation and Dining

There are a number of beautiful resorts in the city of Merimbula, ranging from affordable hotels to more lavish buildings and living spaces. It is also home to the renowned Sapphire Waters Motor Inn, which is rated as the regions leading resort and ideal for couples planning a romantic getaway or a luxurious spa break. In terms of dining, there is a convenient fusion of cultures accessible to visitors, with the Merimbula Wharf Restaurant and Tura Beach Bowling Club offering a range of food from across the world. For those with a sweet tooth, a trip to the Merimbula Ice Creamery represents a highly enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The Last Word

Merimbula is a unique and special city, and one that remains suitable for a host of traveling tastes and preferences. Whether you live in Australia and are keen to enjoy a brief weekend break, or are simply planning to enjoy a memorable international vacation in the sun, Merimbula has a diverse range of entertainment options and fascinating mix of cultures. So long as you take the time to understand the region and its surroundings, you will be able to enjoy a genuinely breathtaking traveling experience.


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