Pool Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean

At the very beginning, let’s face the facts. Everything that is beautiful in a household requires some work to be done around it in order for it to keep its original good looks. One of these beautiful things is your pool, and every pool owner knows that there are loads of things to be worried about, when it comes to pool maintenance. Keeping your pool, and the water within, clean is not only necessary for all the esthetic reasons, but also for health related reasons. Loads of harmful bacteria can emerge in an unclean water environment, and you can end up with having to lie down at home in your bed in order to beat a particular illness. If you are reading this article, you are, most probably, a proud pool owner, and this implies that you are successful at what you do, because we all know that a pool is not a cheap commodity. This means that you have a lot of work, and a disease will only set you back, so in order to avoid all these drawbacks, please continue reading.

There are various gadgets that are related to maintenance, when it comes to keeping your pool safe and clean. I will only list some of them:

Automation Systems

We all know that you have loads of tools that are used around the pool. These include various types of energy efficient swimming pool pumps, pool cleaners, water heaters and other useful equipment. With an automation system, you can link all these appliances with it, and control all of them with a remote control, while you are kicking back and relaxing. It is, kind of, like those big mixers that music bands use on concerts, where each band member plugs in his or her instrument, and the level and tone of each of them can be controlled. With an automation system, therefore, you get a small, pool equipment orchestra.

Safety Suctions

There were many unfortunate cases where people have lost their lives due to getting trapped and drowned in the pool, because they were caught up in the water suction process. So, you can conclude that getting well produced and well placed safety suctions is very important, for the above mentioned reason. Logically, this piece of equipment is also very necessary due to the fact that that you have to change the water in the pool from time to time, and without a suction element, you would have to get rid of the old water in the old-fashioned way (with a bucket).

Skimmer Boxes

Skimmer Boxes are used to remove most of the foreign objects that may get into the water. These are, for example, leaves, and all forms of dirt. Just like with safety suctions, there are loads of cases where people (most often children) mistake the skimmer box for a place to sit down and you can imagine the horrible things that may occur. That is why you need a well placed, high quality skimmer box, so that you need not worry.


These are used to control the flow of water going through the pipes, and they are very important because with them, you can make sure that you don’t flood the around the pool area. They should be designed well and they should be very efficient.

Water Level Controllers

These are, just like the water valves, used in order to keep the water level at the appropriate height in the pool. Imagine all the complications if the water level rises and floods your whole garden, your basement, or even your house. You would have to put in a lot of hours or spend a lot of money, if you want to make everything as it was before. Let’s not even mention all the possible bad things that can happen to a person, if flooding occurs.

All of this equipment can be found on the web, in online stores, like Red Baron Pool Supplies, and their offer is, in my opinion and experience, of excellent quality and efficiency. Good pool equipment can cost a lot of money, but that is because it is good. Believe me; you don’t want to risk purchasing cheap and bad equipment, because the outcome can be fatal both for you and your loved ones. So, you should take what you have read very seriously, and even look into the matter more, because you can never be too safe, can you? 

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