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When I have a chance to see young designers from somewhere other than Europe, I usually jump at the chance to see them.  Free from the constraints of conventional fashion-speak, from stores or certain editors who might approve or disapprove; they are really the lifeblood of the fashion industry.  This was the case at the HELSINKI presentation that was in LE MARAIS during fashion week in a Gallery, a fitting place.  Here you could really tour the designs, speak directly to the designers and see it first-hand.  The creation process is much like theater school; you try things that work, and some of it does and some of it does not.  But this group was very edited with really the best that Finland had to offer.

A rare treat that ranged from hand-painted graphics, bold prints, unusual combinations of textures, even a new version of what could be called Mininimalist. Some Designers were really on the verge of greatness, and some were just getting started. So much you see in a show like this is both inspirational, instructional, and also you can spot the stars, too. 

This group of designers are destined for the Barney's New York audiences and specialty boutiques worldwide.  They are not for the timid or mainstream person but remind us that creativity and art in fashion is still alive, and well. 

Here's the list of designers who showed there:  




Sasu Kauppi

Siloa & Mook

Satu Maaranen 


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