Prestigious itineraries in Florence

Florence skyline

Tuscany is one of the most sought-after destinations in Italy, because many tourists choose this region for enogastronomy, art, events, the beautiful landscapes or just to have a break from ordinary life.

Florence, in particular, is the favorite choice by people that like fashion, sightseeing and relax, but how to know all the Florentine treasures without a guide?
Dragonfly Tours is an agency that give an answer to this question: offer an authentic travel experience off the beaten track with professional guides.

Many people, visiting Florence, think about Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci, Middle Age and Renaissance, in other words the highlights of the city; but Florence is more than that and you should plan your stay with the help of experts connoisseurs.
One of the available itineraries is “Breakfast in Florence”, a very special morning at a terrace overlooking Florence, a panoramic view above the capital of fashion that is a great way to starts your holiday.

After the breakfast, that of course includes coffee, cappuccino, croissants and jams, you'll be ready for a walking tour to Duomo, Basilica of Santa Croce and Ponte Vecchio.

Another private tour is “Best of Florence”, the ideal to discover the city in 7 hours: Brunelleschi's Dome and Giotto's Campanile are some of the most prestigious venues, and your guide will give you an unusual point of view to better understand the uniqueness of Florence.

The route includes also the ticket entrance to Uffizi Gallery, where you'll feel yourselves surrounded by timeless masterpieces. These tours are exclusively for small groups, to assure a customized experience and to satisfy all your curiosities about art, history and traditions, from Middle Age to now.
Dragonfly Tours is dedicated to demanding people, the travellers that want to know more and more again about the destination of their trip, in fact the guides can offer you a unique view of Florence: you won't need nothing else for an unforgettable stay.


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