Private Jet Rental - The Advantages for Business Executives

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Private jet charter companies in Europe and USA claim that more and more business men and luxury travelers are interested in private jet rental. In fact, some companies report that as many as 90 percent of their inquiries are from new or first-time charter customers. Why is that happening? What are the advantages of renting a private jet comparing to commercial flights and especially for business men?

 Following 9/11 and the subsequent increase in terror threats, stringent security checks at the airports have made the whole experience of traveling even more frustrating and exhausting. For a business executive, time is money and most of them simply can’t endure long queues, all kinds of checks and intimate body searches to board an aircraft. If that’s not enough, more time is wasted on confiscation of petty little things such as nail clippers or tweezers.

 The Advantages of Private Jet Rental for Business Men and Companies

  1. Security – In the wake of terrorist attacks, security is unquestionable. When you charter a private jet, you know exactly who the pilots are, you know the crew, you know all your fellow passengers and you know which kind of baggage gets on the plane. This is priceless peace of mind.
  2. Time – No long queues, security checks, body searches and flight delays. You fly on time and return on time.
  3. Productivity – The luxury of a private jet offers a work environment that is as comfortable as an office. A business executive can use the travel time to work on his laptop, conduct meetings, fax, email, phone anyone, everything is easily accessible. Private jet rental maximizes productivity and saves valuable time (and thus – money).
  4. Luxury – Last but not least, let’s not forget the obvious advantages of a private flight: Luxury, comfort, privacy, protection and security.

 Private Jet Rental – The Next Step

Now that you fully know all the advantages of private jet charter, it’s time to rent a private jet. First start with how much it costs, and continue with how to find the most affordable rates for taking a private flight.

 Happy flying!


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