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The Favorite Game of the Rich and Famous
By: Jone Mike   |    May 29, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

When one thinks of bingo, one instantly imagines this group of little old ladies huddled together in the local bingo hall or church basement. This might seem dowdy and outdated but in these modern times, bingo just had a new and exciting overhaul that even celebrities and the most beautiful people on the planet are obsessing over this game.

For one, bingo is a universal game and is played all over the world. In Mexico and the rest of Latin America, the card game Loteria is similar to bingo where it uses pictograms instead of numbers. Reminiscing this fun and charming game from childhood or days of yore is now being embraced by different cultures and there are no physical requirements to play this game.

The Royal family is known to enjoy this classic game and Prince William and the Queen are the most avid fans in the family. Even before Prince William spawned an heir to the throne, he is known to drop by at this local bingo club in Reading near the Sandhurst military where he was an officer cadet at the time. He was rumored to be registered under the name William Harry and became an active member from then on. Of course, news like this spread like wildfire in social networks and Betfair Bingo forums where he denied his true identity.

According to extensive research and statistics, there are about 60 million active bingo players online and it’s actually very accessible where anyone can play on their smart phone or tablet. It’s really no surprise Hollywood celebrities and personalities are promoting this game. Celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox and Kate Moss are known to host bingo parties in their homes or spend a bingo night at home with their friends and family.

Model Katie Price and Prince of Darkness’ Mistress Sharon Osbourne are also famous bingo endorsers. A fun trivia, film star Russell Crowe used to be a professional bingo caller in Australia before he became a celebrity.

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