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Try The Frying Pan on Pier 66. The food is amazing. Since you're going in the fall, call ahead for hours (they're open daily, weather permitting) and make sure you bring a sweater since it's on the water! Here's their site: I'll be visiting NYC this fall and was wondering if you had any dining recommendations that are local favorites? Ask The Lounge 09.12.2014
I love their Tokyo property, one of my faves! Two Shangri-La Properties to Stay in While Jet-Setting Through Asia Hotels 09.09.2014
Maybe they were going for irony with a "look at us, we can't really sing because we're designers (obviously)" kind of thing? If not, glad I missed this show. Mark & Estel Spring 2015: Asking the Hard Questions "What if the Ocean—Was a Woman?" Womens Style 09.09.2014
That's easy; any local would point you towards Mert's Heart & Soul. It's decently priced, exquisitely prepared and completely authentic soul food. If for some reason that doesn't float your boat, there's always The King's Kitchen on Trade Street, which also boasts a stellar reputation and is beloved by comfort food connoisseurs from all around. I want to try some real authentic southern comfort food when I'm in Charlotte for business next month. What are some of my best options? Ask The Lounge 10.27.2013
Two theatres immediately spring to mind: the Actor's Theatre of Charlotte in Uptown and the Belk Theater on First Ward. Both provide some stellar performances, with the Actor's Theatre slightly eeking out a superior reputation. Either location will do, and both can promise a well-staged performance that's well worth your money. Is there a good broadway theatre in Charlotte that anyone would recommend? Ask The Lounge 10.27.2013
It's too bad, when I was younger I was actually able to climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, but they don't let you do that anymore. Ellis Island is still open for visiting though, if you want to get your share of history. Other options are Times Square for shopping and broadway shows, Coney Island during the warmer months, and definitely a walk along the Hudson, no matter the season. What are the absolute must-see attractions in New York City for a first-time visitor? What can be skipped or saved for next time? Ask The Lounge 09.26.2012
I've heard "The Underground" is a fun spot-- with good food and drinks, which is always a plus. Anyone know of any great underground acting or comedy clubs to check out while in the area? Ask The Lounge 09.26.2012
I don't really believe in New year's resolutions. Can't you just make a resolution whenever you want? So What is your New Years Resolution? Ask The Lounge 01.05.2012
How high-end do you want to go? Obviously Rodeo is the first that comes to mind. Neiman's is always good. Where is the besy place to shop for high end womens shoes in Los Angeles? Ask The Lounge 01.05.2012
For once I actually stayed home on New Years and it was glorious! Very weird not waking up to the Rose Parade though. Who made up that rule? Where did you ring in the New Year? Ask The Lounge 01.05.2012
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