PSY Wants 'Gangam Style' to Infect Tom Cruise


Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo

Unprecedented internet sensation and now-international superstar PSY said that of all the celebrities he'd like to see do the "Gangam Style" dance, it's, bar-none, Tom Cruise. Though Cruise isn't really known for participating in anything like this, there's a pretty high chance that one of these days we'll see the superstar actor Gangam it up.


The South Korean rapper behind YouTube's most-viewed video ever has set what might be a "Mission: Impossible" for himself.

Asked which celebrity he would like to see go "Gangnam Style," the singer PSY told The Associated Press: "Tom Cruise!"

Surrounded by screaming fans, he then chuckled at the idea of the American movie star doing his now famous horse-riding dance.

PSY's comments Wednesday in Bangkok were his first public remarks since his viral smash video - with 838 million views - surpassed Justin Bieber's "Baby," which until Saturday held the record with 803 million views. Read More


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