Radiators - Slick Design for Contemporary Buildings

The world of radiators is changing and the use of designer radiators in modern homes has been growing rapidly over recent years. Now our interior design cravings can even be answered by the once boring heating element, which today can be as important as any other feature in the room.

If your home heating system needs a bit of a revamp, here are some very stylish ideas to get you inspired.

Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators are ideal for a room which doesn’t have a lot of space. A tall radiator may give you that little bit of extra floor space and as long as you don’t have a cluttered wall, the heating device could become a key feature piece in the room.

Matte finish radiators

If you want something that blends in with your walls then choosing a matte finish could be the right idea. It gives your room a very modern edge and has a much more expensive look than a gloss radiator. It works especially well in a room with dark colours and great application of fabrics and textures in the upholstery.

Wave design radiators

If you have a lot of room and wall space to play with, you could get a little more adventurous and choose an interesting shape / design. Do bear in mind that these radiators are very big features and the tone and style of the décor needs to be able to compliment this.

Coloured radiators

Colourful radiators are a great way of creating continuity in your walls; use the same colour for a seamless look or go for contrasting colours that will give you a splash of brightness in the room. Choosing neutral paint for the walls will give you a blank canvas so you can be as creative as you like with the colour of your radiators.

Electric radiators

Electric heating is a modern solution for anyone who is looking to save money on utility bills. And some of today’s electric radiators are extremely slick and stylish. If you want contemporary design as well as a cost effective plan for heating, electric radiators could be the answer.


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