Rare Misstep from Otherwise Fashionable Solange Knowles

I really have no idea what Solange Knowles was thinking when she stepped out for the day wearing this violation to retinas everywhere. She's usually such a well-dressed person, what would have prompted this striped nightmare to ever grace her normally-fashion savvy self? The world may never know.


Usually she's hailed as the more fashion savvy of the two Knowles sisters.

But Solange Knowles made a rare faux pas when she stepped out wearing an oversized pinstripe suit that was slashed at the sides, revealing her underwear.

Beyonce's baby sister, 26, was swamped by the unflattering two-piece, which did nothing for her svelte figure.

Beneath the suit she wore a white shirt, which was the single redeeming feature of the masculine look, although it appeared to be somehow sewn in to the strange jacket. Read More


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