Re-Imagining Luxury in 2013: The Changing Face of the Property Market

The word ‘luxury’ often conjures up numerous images, ranging from high end cars to opulent properties located in remote and exotic locations. Not only does this reflect the fact that the perception of luxury remains subjective to each individual person, but it also confirms that it is an evolutionary concept that changes according to social, economic and technological advancement. Take the global property market, for example, which has changed considerably since the recession and spawned a re-imagined vision of luxury homes and alternate dwellings.

The Modern Incarnation of Luxury Property: How Kit Homes have Taken the Property Market by Storm

While property prices across the globe are struggling to reach their pre-recession levels of 2007, markets in the majority of advanced and emerging economies are at least beginning to show signs of recovery. This trend is particularly prevalent in the U.S. and Australia, where self-build and modular kit homes have become increasingly popular among consumers. There is clearly a strong link between these two developments, as these types of property are well suited to the prevailing customer mindset and serve as a more obtainable vision of luxury and opulence.

So why have kit homes taken certain markets by storm, and how do they represent the modern incarnation of luxury? Consider the following: -

Affordable Luxury in a Strained Economy: When you consider the traditional idea of luxury property, your mind is instantly drawn to large, opulent homes and oppressive prices. The recent recession has made this type of property largely inaccessible, however, which has forced many to re-imagine and reconsider their idea of luxury. Kit homes are compatible with this drive, as fabricated structures and the accompanying land can be sourced affordably and for less than typical high end properties in prosperous areas.

How Choice and Flexibility Translates into Luxury: Not only do kit homes embody the principles of affordable luxury, but they also offer customers choice and flexibility in their quest to create an ideal living space. To many, the option to exercise choice is the key value that underpins true luxury, and kit homes afford individuals the opportunity to adopt flexible designs and create rooms of variable size according to taste. In vast nations such as the U.S. and Australia, the option of creating larger scale properties is both viable and attractive to potential home-owners.

The Importance of Land and Physical Surroundings: When you purchase a kit home, you must also procure land and permission to build. Within reason, this allows you to select an open stretch of land that boasts beautiful natural surroundings and high quality local amenities. This enables you to build a lower cost home in a picturesque and affluent area, as you seek luxury in nature and landscape as opposed to bricks and mortar. In terms of re-imagining the idea of luxury, this is perhaps one of the most telling advantages of investing in a fabricated kit home.

The Last Word

Kit homes undoubtedly represent the future of the global property market, especially when it comes to satisfying the modern customers environmental awareness and re-imagined perception of luxury. Fabricated, self-build homes also sit well with the drive to achieve affordable luxury, as the uncertain global economy continues to have an impact on citizens and home-owners. 


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