Reasons the Fashion Industry Needs to Lighten Up

I think we can all agree that people in the fashion industry take themselves and their jobs far too seriously. This piece at Buzzfeed offers a fun take on this idea and the reasons with accommodating pictures are hilarious, especially for those of us who really dig checking out new threads.


Some fashion people treat their work as though they're dealing with nuclear secrets. And well, that's just wrong.

1. The business is full of eccentric characters who don't seem to have any sense of what they themselves are actually like.

2. Everyone who sits in the front row looks like they're in a fight/miserable.

Yes, everyone complains about fashion week but! Do you know how many people would LOVE for this to be their job? This ugh I have this incredibly fun job, I'm going to act so annoyed by it attitude gets really old sometimes. Read More

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